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Young African Statisticians Association (YASA)
Our purpose is to build the intellectual, technological, and strategic leadership required to realize African Development by 2063
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our vision
To be a leading multidisciplinary African association in capacity building and empowerment of Young African statisticians and demographers through education, training, and research.
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We have grown since 2008 when the seed was first planted to develop young African statisticians. Today we are an independent, registered non-profit organization (volunteer association) called the Young African Statisticians Association (YASA)
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About us

Young African Statisticians Association (YASA)

YASA is a non-profit organisation and association of Young African Statisticians, on a mission to empower and build the capacity of early career statisticians & demographers in Africa.

Research and Development
Leadership and Management
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Membership benefits include, but are not limited to:

● Networking opportunities
● Discounts in Association workshops
● Feature on the association website and social media platforms
● Mentorship programs
● Career advise, support and professional growth
● Access to job opportunities
● Early access and discount to our biannual conference

Get time to network with African Statisticians

13 - 15 June, 2023
7th African International Conference (AIC) on Statistics.
03 - 06 July, 2023
Computational and Applied Statistics (CAS2023)
15 - 20 July, 2023
ISI WSC Conference


To build the intellectual, technological, and strategic leadership required to realise African Development by 2063

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